A walk through my dream office


A walk through my dream office: Office design by an office hater

I hate offices.I feel uncomfortable in most of them because they are too loud,too crammed,嗅觉,are too hot or cold.Being a knowledge worker I first and foremost need office space that helps me think;but most companies create office space for representative reasons,为了给客户留下深刻印象,and show off their success,而不是专注于那些致力于创造成功的人的生产力。

Just last week I was visiting a tech company here in Frankfurt and was shocked to discover what the consultants they paid for designing their new interior came up with: an open floor plan of randomly distributed work station left and right of a walkway and some meeting spots sprinkled within.对我来说,这太疯狂了:不仅因为大的开放式平面图,还有持续不断的声音,but I also get distracted by visual noise: movement.And since the office lacked warm colors,the few unpretentious plants only added to this depressing instance of a creative production line.

然后我想,that I'm making it too easy for myself to just complain.How many interior designers have I heard of,那是编码员,too?一个也没有。So how can I expect them to come up with an office I would work in?Right,我不能。

我认为是时候让我们成为软件工匠了,who constantly thrive to improve our skills and tools,start looking at the place where we are practicing our craft and take influence in how they are built.We have everything we need for that: I've been using 3D tools since I'm a teenager,I've built maps for shooters like Doom and Duke Nukem,I've been a first-person shooter player for ever.这使我们非常善于在办公室的物理空间中思考。Not to mention the whole VR thing.我们使用的工具或多或少用于室内设计和建筑,and this enables us to speak the language of architects and interior designer easily.

Since I recently came around an令人惊叹的,browser-based tool为了这个任务,I set out to create my ideal office.我试着很现实,用一个简单的,rectangular floor as the base.I've created an office for roughly 30 people,因为这是人类的最佳团队规模。超过这个尺寸,teams should split up anyway (and move to another floor).

Because I think that open space floor plans are awful I tried to create as much enclosed space as possible,但同时让每个人都能快速看到一个人是否很忙,available or not even present.Unfortunately glass reflects sound very good that's why the walls in the offices are made ofsound muffling wood panels.到处铺地毯有助于进一步降低噪音。

Let me take you through my dream office

The base building block is the 3 people office (my favorite!).I think this is the ideal size for day to day work.Every office has tables that are adjustable in height electrically and a big (55") flat screen,对于配对编程,显示团队指标并与远程工作人员进行视频通话。


Note that a wall shields the tables from the entrance,这样可以减少视觉噪声。团队也可以使用这面墙来悬挂他们工作的信息,或“请勿打扰”标志。

Office entrance

有些任务需要更大的组一起工作。Therefore two 6 people office rooms exist.They have the same features as the 3 people office.

6 people office

对于一对一的会议,或者只是一段安静的独处时间,there are dedicated places and a nice library.



For the daily stand-up everyone can gather in the big open space (the townhall) in the middle of the office,午餐时间大家都聚在一起,很快就可以变成聚会的场所。这里的屏幕是触摸式的,所以你可以站在屏幕前使用它。饭山has those去找门楣板如果你买得起的话。


No dedicated meeting room?对,meetings should be reduced to an absolute minimum and can be held in one of the offices or in the stand-up area.这使他们成为公众,每个人都很容易有机会加入。客户会议也是如此,which in my experience rarely take place at the office if you are an agency,不管怎样。所以,no dedicated meeting rooms necessary.

The unisex bathroom has a separate shower for those that come to the office by bike.

Unisex bathroom

The kitchen is very well equipped with a large stove,because cooking is a great social activity,你不能战胜健康,自助午餐。


You can walk throughthe planyourself and even modify it with the awesome Archilogic editor.

你觉得这个设计怎么样?Please leave your feedback in the comments.

并开始传播我们作为开发人员对参与办公空间设计感兴趣的消息,让我知道,how your ideal workplace looks like!


Here are some reactions (from other developers):

Martin Berry把我指向这个帖子about about an office space where everyone has their own room.The company确实下降the concept as they kept growing,though.



Updated the bathrooms and converted the stalls into separate rooms.Also added a wall between so there is more barrier between the bathrooms and the kitchen.


Updated the kitchen,多亏了托拜厄斯for pointing this out!

I think office kitchens desperately need a real stove-top or alternatively a sandwich-maker,raclette or fondue set.Preparing the shared meal together is really good for the community.Likewise things like sandwiches or raclette where everybody can bring something and then share.Another cool thing is to have a big salad bowl and make a huge mixed salad together where everybody can contribute.