Week 40 of 2017
❤️.of(code) // 008


Week 40 of 2017: ❤️.of(code) // 008

This photo was taken inTrondheim

With ❤️.of(code) number 8 I'm finally back at the regular schedule: recapping my week in Twitter,every Sunday..

Tech 🚀

A report on the state of automated testing came out:

Five hours of setup,for two hours of LAN party:

Mozilla is the poster child of open-source:

AWS has some quirky behaviour when it comes to lambdas and environment variables,所以使用参数存储。I do and it works great..Not only for that..

JavaScript 🛠

npm now has 2FA and read-only tokens:

JavaScript (in contrast to Python) has no hard to explain concepts (like list comprehensions).It's a great beginners language:

Node.js is everywhere:

Diversity 🌈

It's sad that this is still not a thing:equal pay..

Verena tells her experience with RailsGirls (Thread):

Studies show that men won't believe evidence when it comes to gender bias:

Culture ✌️

You should followSubstack,not only for their opinion:

Do this and the whole company will benefit (emphasis onmeasurable!):

Don't trust a consultancy that sells you the Spotify model.It's does not exist!!

Thread with great resources on changing organizations:

Conferences 💡

A BarCamp in my former hometown:

I signed up for codefreeze 2018!!Here iswhy you should,too..

Jobs / Hiring 💪🏻

让你自己熟悉这一点,because soon I'll have more concrete details to share:

Listening to 🎧

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